FREEWAY - may 2011

freeway.05.11 Eric Salin doesn't need to be presented, he is one of the best custom painters of the Paca area, operating for more than twenty years under the ensign California Color.
The kind of guy who does not have anything more to prove if not with himself...

And it is precisely what worries him last year whereas he reached the age of 50. Or, in the case of Eric, the question was, do I go on like that quiet, or is it the moment to launch myself in a new challenge. When you visit the 600 m2 of his new workshop located Frejus, recently open with his friend Benjamin, you guess easily which was the result of its metaphysics interrogation...

And if, because of a lack of place, and sometimes of time, Eric generally refused the proposals for a work on the cars, it is from now on an old history. The walls thus contain a body car, equipped with an essential cabin of great volume. If the majority of this new activity still consists of traditional work, the two associated ones in the long term hope to make only the "beautiful one", in particular on hot rods and other beautiful American.

The ground floor also acts as show room where Eric finally could emphasize his innumerable treasures found and created during the passing o, and saved from the fatal and devastating floods which struck the area the last year! This ground floor is a real museum dedicated to the mechanical culture. On the first floor, the area where Erik operates with a cabin and an office with the image of his personal universe where it reflects and works between his old magazines and the objects which are due to him particularly in heart.

The ideal place for the creation and the exploration of a more artistic way in which it has just launched out with a remarkable originality and of which it will not delay with us to say some longer. To go until the end of the things as regards concept, the pair of friends also equipped the establishment with a snack bar. A pure American environment with hamburgers and donuts. According to Eric, "it is rather pleasant and relaxed to speak job with the customers by drinking a coffee or by eating a burger in a quiet environment".

And when he concludes by affirming that he still has many things to do in term of decoration and "Kustom art", you have to understand that it is really not too late to go and have a look on this new workshop.

Text by Zed, Photos by Eric Corlay